Classic - Canário da Terra

This coffee is symbolized by one of the most common and beautiful birds in Brazil. Represented in our profiles as a classic coffee with clear chocolate and caramel notes, dense body and malic acidity. This classic is perfect for an Espresso. People who like specialty coffees but with standardized notes without a complex flavor. In a time that many companies are changing their brand to several profiles in diferent ways, there are those who loves classic. The classic never goes out of style. Canario da Terra is an easy-to-drink coffee.

Elegance - Natureza

The elegance of Brazilian natural beauty and its tropical fruits are recognized worldwide. In our Natureza profile you will find coffees with aromas and fruity flavor, in addition to evident citrus acidity and a creamy body. The Natureza profile is made for those who loves to find in your cup of coffee notes like Mango, Banana, Strawberry, Citrus, Pineapple, Cherries and Guarana notes. People who are looking for an experience based on fruit will find the best of that right here. We are literally talking about a fruit salad... enjoy it!

Reserve - Dama da Noite

As unique great wines, our special reserve coffee is represented by a famous Brazilian flower, which at night releases an incredible perfume. It is a super delicate coffee and at the same time it is memorable, It is a super clean coffee and at the same time it amazing. We are talking here about an amazing coffee with a great balance between all notes. This is a coffee label with huge floral aromas, evident sweetness, malic and tartaric acidity and a velvety body. Whether for an espresso or filtered, this refined special reserve will make you immerse in a world made for coffee lovers who can drink the same coffee over and over again.

Red and Yellow Candy - Favo de Mel

For some technicians and coffee lovers, one of the most important characteristics that a coffee must have it is a natural sweetness. This coffee profile may be the favorite of many consumers. Coffees with honey, molasses, honeycomb flavor. Bright acidity and creamy body. Coffee like this is generally unanimous and everyone likes it. The name red and yellow candy refers to coffee varieties with these two colors. As we believe, both have the potential for high quality production. Coffee is a fruit like many others, harvested at the height of maturity contains a lot of natural sugar. Properly processed, this coffee has high potential to become a specialty coffee.

Exotic Experience – Its up to you

Today we live in a time when many producers are trying and making a lot of fermentation in order to improve the quality of their coffees. The so-called fermented coffees gained space in the market and we decided to treat them in a specific way. Coffees considered exotic and sometimes even controversial are symbolized here by our exotic experience label. They are complex and with great diversity of aromas and flavors, so they can have different interpretations. That's why we decided to sign "It's up to you". Think about that? Who are we to say what you should like or dislike? These coffees are made for those who like to try new flavors and be open to new ones.

New Generation – Single, Microlots and Direct Trade

We believe that the only way to keep the new generation on the farms in a sustainable way is by recognizing their work and valuing their coffees. As a cooperative, we believe a lot in it, and in this project we give space to the daughters and sons of producers who are taking over the family business and doing their best to honor their parents' history. We are talking about legacy. This project is perfect for those looking for single lots, direct trade, coffees from a single farm or a specific family. Coffees with unique profiles, with quality recognized by technicians from our cooperative.